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For more than 20 years, CLAW (Creative Lee At Work) has been dedicated to helping individuals and small business owners meet their written communications needs.

How it all started..

Lee began writing freelance in college when a friend advised her that she could earn extra money by tutoring college students who were struggling with writing essays. As word spread about her skills, she began taking on other writing projects. By her senior year of college, Lee’s client base expanded to include Houston small business owners. She expanded her expertise to include dynamic sales letters, compelling brochures, and a variety of other marketing-related content. Lee filed her first a DBA in 1995, created business cards, and began advertising her new company: “The Ink Fountain.” After graduating from college with a B.S. in Professional Writing, Lee would choose to operate her business part-time alongside a full-time job as a technical writer. Business for The Ink Fountain continued to grow steady for three years.

In January 1999, Lee made a tough decision to take a hiatus from freelance writing to care for her mother in Austin, Texas.

After an economic layoff in 2001 (dot-com bust era), Lee returned to freelance writing. She changed her business name to Creative Lee at Work. She quickly gained a handful of regular Internet clients. They kept her busy with technical writing projects. Today, small business owners are still her main clients.

The Current Story

Lee hasn’t strayed far from her business roots. She continues to assist others who are struggling with writing, often offering her services free of charge.

The Creative Lee at Work motto is very simple: “The complete and only writing solution you need.”

When she isn’t writing, Lee indulges in the blessings of life with her mother, husband Dennis, and Ally (the feline animal child).